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As you’ve read in the book, the dream of owning a home is once again alive! The opportunity to become a homeowner is possible by treating your home as a business and becoming a landlord. Whether you’re a prospective first-time homeowner or seeking a solution for dealing with tough economic conditions, The Self Funding House™ has the answers!


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This resource library is filled with everything you need for your Self Funding House™—sample plans, expert advice, tips of the trade, and so much more!

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The Self Funding House is a comprehensive system aimed at solving the housing crisis by rethinking home ownership, embracing the shared economy, and treating your house as a business.

How do you make The Self Funding House a reality? All of the "how-to" knowledge can be found here in the comprehensive online learning portal—your digital resource library. Here you'll find all the processes and tools assembled by industry experts in order to aid you in your journey towards owning your home, financial freedom, and housing security.