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The Vision...

for the ultimate global apartment development resource

Apartment University has been the culmination of Derek Lobo's life-long passion for the apartment industry. Over his 35+ years dedicated to working with developers and industry experts, a vast amount of amortized knowledge has been assembled - in a variety of formats, relationships, and collaborations.

The vision for this online learning portal was to place all of this knowledge, wisdom, relationships, collaborations, industry experts, and tools - all in one digital platform to allow apartment developers to access it when they needed it, regardless of where they were in the timeline of their project. But it didn't stop there, Derek wanted to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience for apartment developers... So began the addition of including all of what he and his team had to offer - webinars, events, publications, books, private training, and coaching.

After two years of development, Apartment University was launched in June 2022. Many of Derek's closest relationships observed the journey first-hand - reviewing the vision, content, and providing industry insight. Derek now had the platform to help developers become APARTMENT SCIENTISTS!

Apartment University is now ready for you, the new or first-time developer, or perhaps you're pivoting from another asset class, and yes, even seasoned veterans have much to gain by accessing this development resource (several have shared that Apartment University is the answer for their staff onboarding challenges!).

Welcome to Apartment University!


We take you beyond knowledge, education, and coaching... Apartment University is founded on real-world experience, coaching, and collaboration on industry-leading projects over the last 3 decades! You will be armed with TOOLS that you can make a part of your devolvement process.

  • The 9 Key Components of the Apartment Development FULL Service Experience™

    From land & feasibility, through lease-up and disposition.

  • Proven Project Models

    Decades of experience yields models and processes that work!

  • Team Training

    Your lease-up team ultimately determines the value of your apartment - how well are their skills trained?

  • Business & Project Tools

    You will access the tools needed to accelerate your efficiency, enhance productivity, and add value to your asset.

  • Onboarding

    Projects require expertise from a wide range of skill sets and background. Tap into the relationships and knowledge for onboarding your project team members.


Leverage the wisdom, knowledge, coaching, tools, and relationships...


Decades of expertise collaborating with world-class developers and industry experts.

Expertise comes from both knowing what to do and what NOT to do. It takes both perspectives to have confidence in making key decisions!


The essentials of apartment development and a collection of skills, mindset, and leadership principles and practices

Virtual instruction combined with tasks, homework, quizzes, certification, tools, real-world examples...


Apartment intelligence and leadership are the foundation for developing a solid product and portfolio of success!

Tap into the leadership and resources to help you make data-driven solutions.


Leverage the tools provided within each course, to implement the knowledge that has been learned.

See it, learn it, and then use the tool to make it happen for your project.


Collaboration leads to new thinking, new ideas, and new results!

Connect with others in our COMMUNITY of specialists who are passionate about apartments.

Meet Our Founder

Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo is called the “Apartment Guru” because of his decades of speaking, writing, consulting, brokerage transactions, relationships, amortized knowledge, and industry wisdom. He is one of the most connected individuals in the apartment industry, living by his personal motto: always stay in traffic!

As a student of new apartment construction, student housing, and affordable housing, Derek has established a sterling reputation and industry credibility as an expert advisor in these fields. To date, he has authored eighteen books and is the visionary behind the Apartment University online learning portal.

Firmly established as a “thought leader”, Derek’s unwavering mission is to impact one of the world’s greatest challenges—the lack of rental housing. He has leveraged his advisory expertise into his Apartment Development FULL Service Experience™ brokerage firm, which continues to serve landowners, financiers, developers, and apartment building owners.

Now in his fifth decade of business, Derek’s desire is to become an “Apartment Collaborator.” He is carrying out his vision by bringing together like-minded, talented individuals to work with him, solve business challenges inherent in the development industry, and create opportunities in the rental housing market.

Derek’s keen insight and strategies have allowed him to broker some of the nation’s largest and most complex real estate transactions. He is currently the Broker of Record and CEO of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage.

What You Can Expect

Getting a different outcome you cannot arrive at on your own.

Here is an overview of Apartment University. This is not a marketing sizzle video, it's a candid discussion with Derek Lobo about this learning portal's intent, expectations, content, and why it was created. The focus is on MAXIMIZING YOUR OUTCOME!

Apartment University

MAXIMIZE your RETURNS by exceeding expectations and avoiding pitfalls that can derail your project!

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